Bikes for refugees

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Bikes for refugees

Post by dagba72 » 18 May 2016 20:01

Hej alla,
jag och en kompis har startat ett projekt för att tillhandahålla cyklar för nyanlända i Örebro/Frövi. Om någon är intresserad av att vara med så är ni välkomna. Har ni cyklar, delar osv cykelrelaterat liggande och vill skänka så vore det toppen. Läs mer på FB
mvh Dag

Om projektet:

What's the plan?
We are setting up a bike workshop at the Båtshagen accommodation centre near Frövi and will use this as a base to fix old bikes, sourced from housing associations, the police and the public. The people living at Båtshagen will be involved in refurbishing the bikes and in the operation of the workshop.

Lots of reasons! The Båtshagen centre is isolated (6km from Frövi) and currently the people living there have to walk a long way just to go to a shop. Bikes provide the personal freedom to go where you want, when you want. Bikes increase independence, which improves lives and allows people to more easily integrate into the local community. Nyanlända cannot work until their applications have been processed, meaning boredom is real problem - the bike workshop will provide an opportunity to do something productive.

We believe that increasing the number of people who cycle is an important part of making Örebro a cleaner, greener, nicer place and we think that making old, unwanted bikes usable and giving them to people that don’t have bikes is a great way of getting more people cycling.

How can you help?
We need bikes! If you or someone you know has an unwanted bike to donate, please get in touch and we will come and collect it. If you are involved in an organisation (e.g. a housing association) that has many unwanted bikes, we will take them off your hands.
We also need money for tools, parts, and for the general running of the organisation. We are in the process of finalising the official registration of our not-for-profit organisation (ideell förening) with the Swedish Tax Office (Skatterverket) and as soon as thats done we will ready to accept donations.

We want to work with bike shops, sports associations, other not for profit organisations and pretty much anyone else who wants to be involved, so if that’s you - let us know.

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